Walker, first name unknown came into this world, married and you can died from inside the The united kingdomt

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Walker, first name unknown came into this world, married and you can died from inside the The united kingdomt

John Browne forfeited its allotments, while they eliminated in order to Taunton, MA, and you can stayed indeed there

Cards to possess James Walker: WALKER (English): One who eliminated otherwise thickened content, a larger; individual who originated from Walker (marsh of the Roman wall surface), in Northumberland.

Title Widow Walker is within the variety of people who whom for the 1643 in property value their estates getting a pro-rated shipment away from places, his house are respected on fifty pd

Mr. He es age fifteen and de- to help you local hookups The latest The united kingdomt inside elizabeth boat we find Jo Browne ages forty and you may Richard Walker many years twenty four and you will William Walker age fifteen, who may have already been cousins but most likely not brothers of your other Walker's, they feel the widow mother arrived later, and is one of the primary people regarding the town of Rehoboth, MA. . The woman man James property was also valued at 50 pd., but the guy and you may Mr. Mr. John Browne, evidently sibling of Widow Walker, are a man out-of prominence. The guy settled inside Duxbury because of the 1635, and was at Taunton inside 1643. He was commissioner from United Colonies getting l season, and you will died into the Swansea, MA, April 10 1662. On the 23 Nov. 1665 the guy gave their cousin John Tisdale a home home, and property from inside the Taunton so you can John Tisdale and you will cousin James Walker, John Tilsdale's brother-in-legislation. Widow Walker's two people James and you can Sara was servants off Jonathan Browne a Baker and involved Brand new England that have your.

Sir James Walker passed away on the 1632, and his widow together with her one or two sons James and Phillip and De- within the 1635, Kid Phillip and you can"Widow Walker" inside 1645. Which "E," talked-about a lot more than try "Widow Walker," talked about by John Walker in the publication "Widow Walker"

  • step one.+Sarah Walker, b. 1617, born in Radcliffe, Lancashire, England , d. 1676, Taunton, Bristol Condition, Massachusetts.
  • 2.+James Walker, b. 1612,produced in Radcliffe, Lancashire, The united kingdomt , d. 15 Feb 1691, Taunton, Bristol, Massachusetts.
  • step 3.+Phillip Walker, b. 1628 • Radcliffe, Lancashire, The united kingdomt, d. ; Eastern Providence, Providence State, Rhode Area, U . s .

It is said one to Elizabeth. Browne is the great grand daughter regarding Henry Grey and you may Guilford Dudley and you may cousin in order to Jane Grey. This is simply not you can easily. Jane Gray are daughter so you're able to Henry Gray. She married Guilford Dudley which would make him or her grandparents. It is also impossible you to definitely Jane Gray and you will Guilford Dudley was in fact Elizabeth's grandparents. They certainly were done within age 16 and you will died childless. I'm able to pick no connection to the Gray or Seymour line.

Details reveal that Elizabeth's maiden label is Manchester, maybe not Browne. John Browne may have been a sis-in-rules or a good friend that was considered a member of family.

Age M. Browne parece Walker 1st and is Henry Grey's, very first Duke regarding Suffolk's sixth cousin fourfold eliminated . Sure, the fresh new Grey family which attempted to place its Jane Gray towards the the throne from England adopting the death of Henry Vlll. She offered because the queen off The united kingdomt to possess nine months in advance of Henry's girl (bloody) Queen Mary took the girl rightful put, where she upcoming put Jane (she is hitched to the earliest Duddley boy, sibling in order to Robert Duddley, King Elizabeth's like) throughout the tower out-of London area and you may beheaded the girl afterwards also the lady Duddley husband.

Im adding the latest regal family members names and towns in order to the website. Elizabeth and her brother John Browne were Puritains, that it getting againest the law are problem one to, treason with the top that has been prodestent. Second, are off regal family unit members and on trying to hop out London unofficially it made tales whenever questioned questions regarding exactly who these people were on ship "Elizabeth" you to definitely sailed from Southampton so you're able to The usa. For this reason we discover: Sarah Walker 17, slave to John Browne, baker in the Cheapside, James 15, apprenticed to help you cousin out-of John Brown together with out-of Cheapside and you will Phillip Walker, fifteen upcoming together with mother "Widow" Walker, all the says absolutely nothing regarding the eho they actually was basically. Just what a history and you can just what a story they were only available in the fresh the America!.


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