9. Access to Us, European countries additionally the remainder of Latin The usa

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9. Access to Us, European countries additionally the remainder of Latin The usa

Concerning the just question You will find observed are minimal when you look at the Bogota is dead tidy up, that's in the 20% cheaper than during the Medellin. Typically Bogota was a very pricey spot to alive than Medellin.

4. Things you can do

Bogota corners out Medellin here. Both locations have many things to do in the city while the better as numerous activities to do close. But the bigger city of Bogota edges aside Medellin within the these kinds.

Since the a more impressive urban area Bogota has many way more programs and you can OfficiГ«le bron celebrations than just Medellin. For example, if Moving Rocks found Colombia in February in 2010, it selected Bogota.

Bogota keeps far more church buildings, so much more searching possibilities, significantly more outdoor affairs, a lot more places and you can attractions, a lot more of what you because of they getting a more impressive city.

When you're unscientific, TripAdvisor provides more 270 actions you can take listed to have Bogota when you're it's got less than 150 steps you can take listed to possess Medellin.

5. Shelter

Medellin perhaps wins right here. Medellin ranked greater than simply Bogota inside the a recently available questionnaire away from twelve,548 into the Colombia in terms of customers perception safe within their barrio and you can urban area.

In this data (slide 41) owners felt the newest easiest within their barrio in the Medellin with 75 percent of respondents impression safer, if you are merely thirty six % out-of respondents inside the Bogota sensed safe from inside the their barrio (simply Cartagena ranked lower than Bogota).

With regards to impression safer inside their town (slip 40), Bogota is actually ranked worst of one's towns and cities interviewed with just 14 percent out-of respondents into the Bogota feeling safer within their city, which compares to forty-five per cent effect safe within area for the Medellin.

6. Healthcare

Getting a more impressive area, Bogota has significantly more medical and you may dental care team nevertheless they supply more people to care for. Scientific can cost you include quite high in Bogota compared to the medical will set you back for the Medellin.

seven. Contaminants

It is a wrap. The nation Fitness Providers (WHO) just last year stated that Medellin is actually ranked #nine and Bogota #10 for the a list of new 10 towns and cities extremely polluted from inside the Latin The usa.

Medellin is found in an excellent canyon, with slopes close the town, that don't enable it to be effortless dispersion off emissions, thus contamination sometimes stay-in this new urban area. However, very normal rain around can be brush air.

Bogota was a giant city and you can appear to find a heavy gray air pollution layer over the metropolis throughout the thermal inversion attacks.

8. Traffic

I bring Medellin a definite boundary here. My impression would be the fact traffic was Bogota can be bad than simply within the Medellin on account of they being more substantial town with so much more cars into tracks.

I would say you are pretty fortunate if you invest merely an hour or so every day merely to go anywhere from inside the Bogota.

I have been confronted from inside the arranging more two business meetings day in the Bogota since the tourist helps it be a primary complications obtaining from just one section of Bogota to another region at most days throughout the day.

As visitors will get crappy for the Medellin, the worst website visitors is mainly found in the Este Poblado and you will Envigado areas throughout the rush circumstances to me.

Traffic is not as common from difficulty within the Medellin opposed towards the traffic factors used in Bogota. However, Bogota doesn't invariably have the terrible traffic during the Latin The united states. In my opinion the latest bigger towns and cities away from Sao Paulo and you can Mexico Urban area can have tough website visitors.

Bogota without difficulty wins right here. El Dorado International airport from inside the Bogota is the biggest airport when you look at the Colombia and contains non-prevent routes to over 40 international locations regarding the U.S., Europe and you may Latin The usa.


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